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So I am trying to efficently call tasklet and subtasklets:

def getBeds(bed_key):
    bed = yield bed_key.get_asyn()
    bed_info = {}
    raise ndb.Return(bed_info)

def getRoom(room_key):
    room = yield room_key.get_async()
    room_info = {}
    beds_in_room = map(getBeds,room.beds)
    room_info["beds"] = beds_in_room
    raise ndb.Return(room_info)

def getBuilding(build_key):
    build = yield build_key.get_async()
    build_info = {}
    rooms_in_build = map(getRoom,build.rooms)
    build_info["rooms"] = rooms_in_build

def getHotel(hotel_obj)
    hotel_inf = {}
    buildings_in_hotel = map(getBuilding,hotel_obj.buildings)
    hotel_inf["buildings"] = buildings_in_hotel
    return hotel_inf

For some reason, I though the @ndb.toplevel would pause getHotel until everything finished. Unfortunately, buildings_in_hotel is returning a list of futures...

How do I get it to complete?

Thanks! Jon

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You yield!

When calling a tasklet you always get a future, then yield to get the result. There is also parallel yield, where you yield a tuple or list of tasklets (sometimes referred to as barrier).

beds_in_room = yield map(getBeds,room.beds)


rooms_in_build = yield map(getRoom,build.rooms)


buildings_in_hotel = yield map(getBuilding,hotel_obj.buildings)
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