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I would like to know if you think subclassing UIButton would be a good idea in my situation and if so how exactly to go about doing it?

So the situation is that I have three custom buttons in my project that I need in most if not all view controllers in my project. The approach I have taken at the moment is that I've built them using storyboards in all my controllers and then added functionality as needed. However, I've found that this can lead to a painful situation where even when I want to do something, like just change the height, I need to do it 8 times. So my idea was this, have 3 subclasses of uibuttons (with the required characteristics like image in different states,width,height,position etc) that I can then add to my different view controllers and then perform segues from them as and when needed. And if I need to make any changes, I will just have to do them once in the subclass as opposed to in all the view controllers.

What do you guys think?

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Sure, I think this would work fine. Add custom buttons in your storyboard, and change their class to one of your button subclasses. In the subclass make your customizations in the initWithCoder: method.

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I found that using initWithCoder instead of initWithFrame is critical for UIButton. – Nick M Jan 13 '14 at 21:28
@NickM, it's not specific to UIButton, it's whether the UI element is made in IB (storyboard or xib) or code. If in the former, you need to use initWithCoder:, if the latter, use initWithFrame:. – rdelmar Jan 13 '14 at 23:21

You can subclass the UIButton, but a better solution would be to create a Category for the UIButton

look at the tutorial:

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