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I have the following:

class X : public boost::noncopyable

class Y 
      const boost::ptr_vector<X>& getXs() const;
      boost::ptr_vector<X> m_xs;

int main()
   Y y1;

   const boost::ptr_vector<X>& mx = y1.getXx();

   BOOST_FOREACH(boost::ptr_vector<X>::value_type x, mx)
       // do something with x!

It compiles but it doesn't link! It says that implicit default copy constructor for X is needed by the BOOST_FOREACH.

How can I iterate over the pointers to X only... no copy contructor, using BOOST_FOREACH.


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Try using references in BOOST_FOREACH(), .i.e.

BOOST_FOREACH(boost::ptr_vector<X>::value_type &x, mx)
    // do something with x!
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Thanks, but it still doesn't work. The problem seems to be that BOOST_FOREACH(boost::ptr_vector<X>::value_type &x, mx) requires the copy constructor. I don't knwo whie. –  Lúbia Vinhas Jan 28 '13 at 12:50
Hm, what I wrote didn't really make sense, sorry about that. Try either const boost::ptr_vector<X> &mx = ... and then BOOST_FOREACH(const boost::ptr_vector<X>::iterator::value_type &x, mx) or try those without both const's. –  zxxc Jan 28 '13 at 15:01

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