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I am developing an Android app using a third party framework written in C++ (interfacing with NDK). So I don't have access to the native Java commands and am quite new to this process. I want to be able to copy an image that is saved in the local app directory, e.g. cache, to the public photo library on the sd card. Problem is I have no idea how in C++ to do this.

In native Java development there are commands such as getExternalStoragePublicDirectory() that can make this process easy. Is there some way to achieve similar functionality in C++ so that I can: a) Obtain the current app directory and file path to the item I wish to copy, b) obtain the public photos directory, c) copy the file from a to b.

Many thanks for any code snippets or examples.

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You can find examples of calling getCacheDir() from C++ on bitbucket and for getExternalStoragePublicDirectory() on github. Copying a file can be as simple as reading and writing in a loop, see How can I copy a file on Unix using C?.

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