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Is there a way to change the default editor in IE10 from Notepad to Notepad++?


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Open a command prompt as administrator and run this command (change the path to Notepad++ if necessary):

REG ADD "HKCR\.htm\OpenWithList\Notepad++\shell\edit\command" /ve /d "\"C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe\" %1"
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I know this is a quite old request, but:

For IE9 and later:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • hit F12 to open the developer tools
  • click File
  • click Customize Internet Explorer view source

If "Other" is checked, try

  1. first to change to option "Notepad"
  2. second re-change it to "Other": You'll be asked for the application then (select you texteditor).

kr, zara

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I'm not seeing "Customize Internet Explorer view source" under the file menu of IE11 and I am not seeing a file menu under developer tools. –  John S Sep 18 at 15:40

The previous answer also worked in Internet Explorer 11, running in Windows 8.1 (with April 14th KB updates), FYI.

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This should have been posted as a comment, not an answer. –  trudyscousin Apr 19 at 21:22
Yes, but it was quite helpful for those of us concerned if it will work with IE 11 –  SvdSinner Jun 25 at 15:45
Thanks for saying that SvdSinner, btw. I learned my lesson. :) –  Dave S Sep 25 at 23:23

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