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My database currently holds of the names of each Div that need populated on pageload.

Once the Divs are loaded. I retrieve the names of the Divs that need populated, and I then want to populate their inner HTMLs through the c# code behind.

I know that this can normally be done by directly referencing HTML control names like this:

    HtmlGenericControl divControl = Div1;

    divControl.InnerHtml = "Div Populated!";

My problem is that I want to initialize HtmlGenericControls from Div names stored as strings.

For example:

   string DivName = "Div1"

   HtmlGenericControl divControl = DivName;

   divControl.InnerHtml = "Div Populated!";

But I get an error when I try this that a string cannot be implicitly converted to an HTML Generic Control.

Does anybody know how I might be able to achieve dynamic initalization of HtmlGenericControls from strings names?

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You can use Control.FindControl to find control by id.

 HtmlGenericControl divControl = parentControlId.FindControl("DivName");
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