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I'm using NetBeans 7.2.1 for my developments with CodeIgniter/Bonfire.

In my controllers i'm loading my for the view needed JavaScripts via

Assets::add_js($this->load->view('admin/index_js', $data, true), 'inline');

to preparse some php variables in the JavaScript (like dynamic url's).

This forces me to save these JavaScript files witht he extension ".php" so that i can load it via


All these JavaScript files are using the filename syntac


Since i load it via view and Assets with "inline" parameter i can't put the


tags in the script so NetBeans is not recognizing it as JavaScript and i have no syntax highlightning and no formatting options.

Any idea how i can get it that NetBeans can recognize it as JavaScript?

Thanks a lot.

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Okay... got it...

One of my collegues made a change to the assets library to "erase" the script tags from assets::js inline included files:

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