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I'm trying to get an jQuery component similar to this http://www.dhtmlgoodies.com/scripts/drag-drop-nodes/drag-drop-nodes-demo2.html .

Basically there is a list of available elements in a list, that you can drag and drop into several blocks.

I have quite a bit of JavaScript development experience, but I'm quite new to jQuery, the language I want this scripted in...

Can you guys please lead me to some example similar to the one showed above, or give me some hints on what would be a good place to start looking for something like this?

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Maybe jQuery UI does what you are looking for. Its composed out of many handy helper functions like making objects draggable, droppable, resizable, sortable etc.

Take a look at sortable with connected lists.

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Check this out: http://wil-linssen.com/entry/extending-the-jquery-sortable-with-ajax-mysql/ I'm using this and I'm happy with the solution.

Right here you can find a demo: http://demo.wil-linssen.com/jquery-sortable-ajax/


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