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Trying to take GIS data of the zip codes of the Bronx and turn it into a map using d3.js. But I am having trouble rendering. Could you show me proper use of d3.geo.path() ?

    var width=960, height=500;
    var path = d3.geo.path();
    d3.json("/static/bxzip.json", function(d){"body").selectAll("p")
        .attr("d",function(d) { return d[9][5].rings[0]; })
        .attr("class", "stroke");

Here is a typical line of d[9][5].rings[0] from

[ [ -73.84463693999993, 40.90475939500004 ], [ -73.84443733899991, 40.90423928800004 ], [ -73.84443555299993, 40.904234630000076 ],  ...] ]
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You need to pass your array into path() to get it to return screen xy:

.attr("d",function(d) { return path(d[9][5].rings[0]); })
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