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I am developing an app & just built its logical part. Now I want to design this app like in famous timer apps.for examples:

enter image description here

The thing I want is the outer Circle that fills with every trigger of some event or with increment of number. I actually don't know that is it animation part (like to be built in flash or what) or just possible by coding in android itself using its inbuilt properties and features. So anybody if tell explain me what tools are used or any reference tutorial that can explain things from bottom. I really don't know any thing of designing . Any code for this??

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You previously tagged this question Core Animation (iOS framework). I could tell you how it's done on iOS but I doubt that it will answer your question. –  David Rönnqvist Jan 25 '13 at 20:32
I didn't knew that its iOS framework. I thought it is just animation related to core or something like that. My fault –  Aexyn Jan 25 '13 at 20:47

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Make it in Adobe edge and export it to phonegap. Build it with phone gap to add the sources to your sdk.

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It is possible to define an Animation within android, but you will have to "cut" the animation into pieces and reassemble it while in android.

http://digitaldumptruck.jotabout.com/?p=813 this should be the article your looking for ;)

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We need to customize the progress bar with animation. Follow the links for the library project,


https://github.com/f2prateek/progressbutton Refer the following link for tutorials


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