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I've implemented some custom fields and would like to keep the look-and-feel consistent with the current Blackberry theme. So I would like the highlighting color of the fields to be consistent with the highlight color used throughout the BB apps.

How can I get the this color?

Edit: Apparently, there's no way to get those kinds of colors from any API. So is there a work-around way to getting these colors?

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Hi, please describe the "highlighting color" term. Is it color of focused background or color of text selection or anything else? –  Max Gontar Sep 21 '09 at 6:40
The background color of a focused item. The default theme on the simulator has a color of 0x1055ad for example. –  Benoit Sep 21 '09 at 13:20

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What we can do is test colors on drawFocus method of some custom text field:

class TestField extends TextField {
    TestThemeListener mListener;
    public TestField(TestThemeListener listener) {
    	setText("Hello this is a color test");
    	setSelection(0, true, 10);
    	mListener = listener;
    protected void drawFocus(Graphics g, boolean on) {
    	drawHighlightRegion(g, HIGHLIGHT_FOCUS, true, 0, 0, 50, 20);
    	Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(50, 20);
    	Display.screenshot(bmp, 0, 0, 50, 20);
    	int[] argbData = new int[1];
    	bmp.getARGB(argbData, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1);
    	int focusColor = argbData[0];
    	drawHighlightRegion(g, HIGHLIGHT_SELECT, true, 50, 0, 50, 20);
    	Display.screenshot(bmp, 50, 0, 50, 20);
    	argbData = new int[1];
    	bmp.getARGB(argbData, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1);
    	int selectionColor = argbData[0];
    	if (null != mListener) {
    		mListener.themeTested(focusColor, selectionColor);
    		mListener = null;

interface TestThemeListener {
    void themeTested(int focusColor, int selectionColor);

And use it on the screen:

class Scr extends MainScreen implements TestThemeListener {
    LabelField mSelectionColorName;
    LabelField mFocusColorName;
    public Scr() {
    	add(new TestField(this));
    public void themeTested(int focusColor, int selectionColor) {
    	add(new LabelField("Theme colors (AARRGGBB)"));
    	add(new LabelField("Focus : " + focusColor));
    	Bitmap bmpF = new Bitmap(100, 20);
    	Graphics gF = new Graphics(bmpF);
    	gF.fillRect(0, 0, 100, 20);
    	add(new BitmapField(bmpF));
    	add(new LabelField("Selection : " + selectionColor));
    	Bitmap bmpS = new Bitmap(100, 20);
    	Graphics gS = new Graphics(bmpS);
    	gS.fillRect(0, 0, 100, 20);
    	add(new BitmapField(bmpS));

color test app screenshot

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You're essentially just poking at a pixel in a screen shot to get its color. This seems like a really round-about way to get the info. This also requires use of the signed API (Display requires signing). I would prefer a solution that is more efficient than taking a screen-shot and doesn't require signing. –  Benoit Sep 21 '09 at 13:25

This works fine but there is a problem. The application must be signed and it displays a confirmation to the user to take the screen shots like "Application xxx wants to take a screen shot. Allow?" This could be annoying to the user. This is caused by using a secure API in the device class.

Instead, try creating a new Graphics from a Bitmap, then draw on it.

class TestField : extends Field {
    int getHighlightColor() {
        Bitmap image = new Bitmap(getWidth(), getHeight());
        Graphics g = new Graphics(image).
        drawHighlightRegion(g, Field.HIGHLIGHT_FOCUS, true, 0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());
        argbData = new int[1];
        image.getARGB(argbData, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1);
        return argbData[0];
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