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in iOS, How do I change the color of the chrome around the print popup?

(Objective-C or C# as fine)

Here's how I show the printer:

     var printInfo = UIPrintInfo.PrintInfo;
     printInfo.OutputType = UIPrintInfoOutputType.General;

     var printer = UIPrintInteractionController.SharedPrintController;
     printer.PrintInfo = printInfo;
     printer.PrintFormatter = webView.ViewPrintFormatter;
     printer.ShowsPageRange = true;
     printer.PresentFromBarButtonItem(btnShare, true, (handler, completed, err) => {
        if (!completed && err != null)
              "Unable to Print",
              "Sorry, we were not able to access printers from your device.",

Here's a screen shot:

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the smartest thing to do here is subclass the popup and initialize it with different border colors, similar to how you subclass uialertview.

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