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Trying to get up and running Vim + Rebar.

Separately they work but not together. What I want to achieve is to run eunit without leaving the Vim.

I guess this is doable with following plugin . Unfortunately is very poorly documented.

How do I run my tests quickly, see the output, code and once again.

All your feedback will be appreciated.

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The best solution I've found is to use a Makefile in my project. Since vim is capable of running shell commands, you can call make & have it use your makefile. Then map these shell commands to shortcuts of your choosing.

For example, my Makefile has the following:

    $(REBAR) skip_deps=true eunit

In my .vimrc:

command MakeErlangTest !make test
nmap <leader>r :MakeErlangTest<CR>
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One quick way to get out of Vim is to suspend it with Ctrl+z, run your commands, and then foreground it again with fg afterwards. Works at least on bash in Os X and Ubuntu Linux.

You can also run command line commands with :! <command name> directly from Vim, e.g. :! ls.

Yet another way is to use screen, with one window running vim and another still on the command line.

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I don't know how to integrate rebar into vim, but perhaps you could try tmux? This works for me. In one window I keep opened vim, another window i use as compilation/attach session to erlang node.

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I use a similar approach with xmonad. – Tilman Jan 27 '13 at 19:23

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