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I wanted to reach out to the web community and find out how teams manage large binary files (PSDs, Videos, audio, etc) in web projects. For years our team has used SVN to sync assets between individuals working on a project, but its showing some weaknesses. Here is a breakdown of what we've tried.

1) Subversion/Git. The files are huge and smaller incremental changes bloat the SVN repo size when you commit them back in. This makes backing up the repo an issue. Designers tend to have issues with the concepts of SVN and is not intuitive the their workflow. When a conflict happens its usually a bit of a mess.

2) Cloud services. We've tried storing files on the cloud and have them sync. The problem here is when you save a change to a PSD for example, the whole file will get sync'd to the cloud. The solution here would be making a working copy of the cloud folder, but it can easily get out of sync pretty quickly.

3) FTP. This is how we originally worked, each connected to an FTP and uploaded the latest work. Was more tedious than SVN, and syncing issues were common place.

Any thoughts on the matter would be very helpful!


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I work for a company that uses video and audio files on a daily basis, using a customer audio/video player on our corporate site. We don't save our audio & video files within our web projects. The files are saved at a CDN site (actually, several for safety) and our code calls out to get those files as needed. We use SVN for our code and because our media is stored elsewhere, committing the project changes are not an issue. I'm not sure if that is an option for you, but I'm giving an example of how we handle it.

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