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I am trying to create a search result page with asp.net and jQuery. It has to work in an AJAX manner. What I want is that I send the page number to server via an AJAX call and the server can return an html block so that I can attach this html block to an area in the page in the callback after the AJAX call.

But I don't know how to assemble the html block on the server side. Is there a good way or some kind of engine to achieve this ? Or should I just hard-code it like:

<table><tr><td>My result</td></tr> </table>

and return this text to client?

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There are multiple ways of doing this - you have touched on one:

  1. Return the markup directly and add it.
  2. Return JSON, parse it using standard JavaScript methods into JS objects and:

    2.1 Generate markup in JavaScript and add it.

    2.2 Find the values in the objects and put them in the HTML.

    2.2 Use a client side template library and bind the objects.

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Here is one way to create html block on the server side.

var stringWriter = new StringWriter();
using (var writer = new HtmlTextWriter(stringWriter))
    writer.Write("My result");
var result = stringWriter.ToString();
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