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Here is the current code I have, this generates a list of 'teams' I have in my database to print to the page. Please note the HTML code is written using .jade's template, but it is easy enough to understand what is happening


                    form.form-horizontal(action='/team', id="teamForm")
                            label.control-label(for="teamId") Team Id:
                            label.control-label(for="teamName") Team Name:
                                button#teamUpdate.btn.btn-primary.btn-mini(type="submit", value="Update Team") Update
                            label.control-label(for="newTeamName") Enter new team:
                                button#teamConfirm.btn.btn-primary.btn-mini(type="submit", value="Save Team") Submit
                div.teamList(style='border: none; background: #cecece; color: #1a1a1a; padding: 4px; width: 400px; height: 315px; overflow: auto;')
                    include showTeams


    - if(allTeams.length > 0){
                    th Name
                        - each team in allTeams
                            include teamDisplay
    - } else {
        h3 No teams till now..
    - }


  p #{}

At the moment this will generate a list of all the teams in the database when showTeams is ran. The teamDisplay file will generate a new div for each team with the key as the name of the div.

Instead of generating p #{} inside the div, I want to generate a link, which is easy enough to do. But when the link is clicked, I want the teamId and teamName textboxes to be filled with the corresponding data.

I have this in team.js:

Team.initIndexPage = function(){

    submitTeam = function(){
        // frontend sends data - backend parses the data
        var teamForm = {
            name : $('#newTeamName').val()
        // Basic validation
        $.post('/save/team', {'teamForm' : teamForm}, function(response) {


As you can see I am referring to #teamConfirm to submit a new team, so my question would I refer to a situation where ANY of the team links are clicked...that it fills the textboxes with the correct data?

Any help appreciated.

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I'm not sure I 100% followed everything you said - but it doesn't seem like your issue has much to do with node/mongo, and its more of a front-end javascript problem. If you want to keep track of which link is being clicked you can use javascript's 'this' context.

So if you gave all of the links a common class name and changed your code in team.js to work something like this:

    submitTeam($(this)); // $(this) keeps track of the actual link that was clicked.

You could then grab that context in submitTeam() and use it to manipulate the element however you'd like.

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I have a list of links generated using a team's key as the id for each link, I basically want to fill the textboxes with the information for whichever team was clicked. – germainelol Jan 25 '13 at 20:50
Not sure how to apply your code to my problem though if you could explain further please? I am looking to use showTeam() as a function when the link is clicked, in order to put the team's key and name into the text fields. – germainelol Jan 25 '13 at 20:50
Okay. I think maybe I misunderstood your question, tell me if this is closer to your issue: You are using your showTeams template to put the team's key/name into the text fields, but instead of doing this on page load, you'd rather do this when the user clicks on a specific link. Is that correct? – BlueMoon Jan 25 '13 at 21:00
ShowTeams is used to take each team in the database and create a list showing every team, I have generated the list of teams as links, each link is called team-#{team.key}. When a link is clicked I want the text boxes filled with the information of that team so that I can edit their details – germainelol Jan 25 '13 at 21:23
Sorry, showteam the function is used when a link is clicked, but I don't know how to say "if any team is clicked fill the text box with its info" – germainelol Jan 25 '13 at 21:25

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