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How can I get a list of built-in MSBuild variables?

I need to know how to determine the current project's csproj name, and thought it might be useful to know what else I can find out in MSBuild.

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Dupe of 1115357. – i_am_jorf Sep 21 '09 at 5:08
Nominating to reopen after changing the question a bit to ask about "how to get" the list and not "where" to get it. From my research it doesn't seem like the're a known way to do it programmatically, but even though the answer is mostly a collection of links - it's extremely useful nevertheless and judging by the votes - it would be nice to have this question opened. – Filip Skakun Jan 27 at 3:53
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Comprehensive lists from MSDN:

Other useful lists:

First link shows the MSBuild property for project name:

MSBuildProjectName The file name of the project file without the file name extension

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This is a link to the list of macros mentioned in the later question. I believe these are properties set by VS, so note that if building from command line - these values won't be set. – Filip Skakun Jan 27 at 3:56

I would also include a list of List of Common Properties and Parameters for MSBuild.

Also, the properties depend on which version of MSBuild you are using. There are 3 versions.

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