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How to increment currentindex so that textview can be updated in a sequence manner than randomly.

- (void)viewDidLoad{
myArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc]initWithObjects:@"String1",@"String2",@"String3",@"String4", @"String5",..... nil];  

[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:2.0

self.textView.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Baskerville-Bold" size:22];

self.textView.textAlignment = NSTextAlignmentCenter;

self.textView.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];

self.textView.textAlignment =  NSTextAlignmentCenter;
self.textView.text = @"String1";
self.textView.scrollEnabled = NO;

self.textView.editable = NO;

self.textView.userInteractionEnabled = NO;

[baseView addSubview: self.textView];


- (void)updateText:(NSTimer *)theTimer {
int index = arc4random() % [myArray count];
myTextView.text = [myArray objectAtIndex:index];


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If you don't want it updated randomly, don't use arc4random! –  Hot Licks Jan 25 '13 at 20:24

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Instead of making index a local variable, make it a property

@property (nonatomic) NSInteger index;

in viewDidLoad initialize it to 0;

Then use it like this only:

           - (void)updateText:(NSTimer *)theTimer 
            NSLog(@"myArray count is %d",[myArray count]);
            CFShow((__bridge CFTypeRef)(myArray));

            if (index < [myArray count])
                NSLog(@"%d value is %@",index,[myArray objectAtIndex:index]);
                myTextView.text = [myArray objectAtIndex:index];
                index = 0;

and i hope you are using Timer like this :

self.timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:1.0 target:self selector:@selector(yourFunctionToUpdateTimer) userInfo:nil repeats:NO];
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i tried but still it is not updating textview –  user1452248 Jan 25 '13 at 21:00
can you mail me code i will look it for you, bhupendra.trivedi14@gmail.com –  Bhupendra Jan 25 '13 at 21:04
and are you sure that this updateText function is getting called again and again, set a breakpoint and check if its getting called or not –  Bhupendra Jan 25 '13 at 21:08
yes it is getting called again and again –  user1452248 Jan 25 '13 at 21:10
can you mail me the code now i will have a look at it :) –  Bhupendra Jan 25 '13 at 21:12

Try doing

int index =+1;

i've tried this in another app and it worked, so it should for you

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i tried int index = +1; mytextView.text = [myArray objectAtIndex:index]; but it is not updating String1 with String2 –  user1452248 Jan 25 '13 at 20:30
I'm hoping you were being facetious. @user1452248 -- Learn about this thing called "program state". –  Hot Licks Jan 25 '13 at 20:32

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