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I am dabbling a little with django-social-auth using twitter authentication.

I can login.

But, when I try to log out using django.contrib.auth.logout, it doesn't log out.

What's the way to logout?


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can you post you logout code? – Glyn Jackson Jan 25 '13 at 22:45
I am having the same issue :/ – Lee Apr 17 '13 at 19:44
Are you trying to logout from Twitter too? That won't be possible without using any SDK from Twitter since logging out from a third party site implies messing with their cookies, so you need some JS from the same domain to mess with them. – omab Apr 24 '13 at 15:10
I'm trying to accomplish this myself and running into the same issue. While a Django logout function may well work to log the person out of the Django app, it doesn't matter much if when someone goes to the site again they're accepted right back in due to the auth token still being around. So I guess the question is how to destroy that auth token from the browser via a logout type command? Otherwise, in situations where someone logs in from a shared computer of some sort, there doesn't appear to be any way for them to not remain logged in or authenticated. – Kevin Dahl Aug 21 at 21:48

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Do you have a logout view? You need to have a logout view.


from django.contrib.auth import logout

def logout_view(request):
    # Redirect to a success page.
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I have a logout view, and this is what I exactly did. But it won't log out from twitter. – rookieRailer Jan 26 '13 at 14:34

Are you trying to log out just from the Django app or do you want to "forget" the Twitter access? Usually the twitter auth token is stored for simplified login the next time a user wants to connect to twitter, so the user doesn't have to "accept" the access again.

Django logout

If you just want to logout from the Django auth system, it should be enough to use the django.contrib.auth.views.logout view or to create a custom logout view.

Social auth disconnect

To completely unlink/disconnect a social account, you need to use the disconnect functions in social-auth. You can get the disconnect url using the following template tag:

{% url "socialauth_disconnect" "backend-name" %}

For more information, please refer to

Force approval prompt

Because you've already allowed your app access to the OAuth provider, the auth provider will remember that decision. There are usually two ways to force a confirmation of that access permission:

  • Revoke the access permission in the management console of your auth provider (e.g. disapprove twitter app access).
  • Set an extra OAuth argument that forces the approval prompt. I'm not sure if Twitter provides such a thing, but if you're using Google OAuth2 you can simply add {'approval_prompt': 'force'} to the GOOGLE_OAUTH2_AUTH_EXTRA_ARGUMENTS setting.
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This answer is outdated as django-social-auth is now python-social-auth

See newer Stack Overflow answer here.

Read the docs here

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