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I am working on QA based app which I am developing with Phonegap and JQuery Mobile. I am trying to create a template page which will pull random questions from DB and there multiple choice answers in random order too.

However, I am confused with the DB use to implement this functionality. I thought about using SQLite, but that means writing and keeping lots of lines of code in my code base which would get initialized and executed when app loads. And I want to avoid this scenario.

Furthermore, I looked into IndexedDB, but it looks more on the same lines where I would be executing lines of code to create DB and records in it.

This is my first time creating an app. I come from programming background where we always have a DB ready for application and doesn't need to be initialized every time except for the connection. I was thinking of solution on similar line...

Any ideas on this...

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You may be best off just storing your arrays of questions and response options in localStorage. It's incredibly easy - and your data persists over app restarts and does not violate Apple's TOS regarding data storage/backup.

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Check-out Lawnchair, it helps homogenize the different persistant-storage APIs. A note of warning, do as few reads/writes as possible because they cause work to be done on the disk space of the device, which is generally very slow. – Jasper Jan 25 '13 at 23:05
Thanks @Robbo and Jasper...I will read about both of them and implement according to my needs. – Aniruddha Jan 26 '13 at 17:13
@Robbo I looked into localStorage and went through all the stuff from DiveintoHTML5. It works in terms of key-value pairs and I'm not sure if this will be right solution for my query, as in each question will have 4 choices and 1 right answer. – Aniruddha Jan 28 '13 at 18:45

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