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i try to use the DataView RowFilter for a column with DataType "TimeSpan" as following:

dv.RowFilter = ("Convert([time],System.String) LIKE '17:12:00'")

I've found that the search Parameter "%17% or %12%, for the double Zeros i have to use a single one: %0%, works fine, now im not sure about the Convert(timespan, System.String) Format... . I know that the TimeSpan have a Special Format like (17,12,0) or {17}{12}{0} but as a not specified convert to string it should be: hh:mm:ss like timespan.ToString() - but with the DataView's RowFilter i can't get this to work!

Im Using Visual Studio 2008 Pro with Dot.Net 3.5.

Anyone a solution for this (im realy new on c#!)?

Thanks and regards,


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