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I have an unsigned 1-bit thematic forest cover raster (.img). 1 = forest and 0 = not forest. I want to calculate the distance between forest patches. It appears that the Euclidean Distance tool in ArcGIS does this but I get an output with all 0s.

Has anyone had experience with this before? Am I doing something incorrectly? Will I have to write a script to take care of it?

I can use either ArcGIS or Erdas Imagine. Whichever is easiest.


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It should work with a raster with values 0 and 1. Export your .img to .tiff with 8 bit unsigned and try it again.

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You nailed it. For some reason it was being picky with the .img file. –  mkmitchell Feb 5 '13 at 21:02

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