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I am learning Obj-C and having trouble understanding this syntax the first line works but the second, where I perform arithmetic on the integer length (-1) it complains. why is this?

self.historyDisplay.text = [self.historyDisplay.text 
          substringToIndex:[self.historyDisplay.text length]];

self.historyDisplay.text = [self.historyDisplay.text 
          substringToIndex:[self.historyDisplay.text length-1]];
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What's the "complaint"? – Josh Caswell Jan 25 '13 at 22:05
@JoshCaswell, it's a syntax error. – Carl Norum Jan 25 '13 at 22:08

length is not an integer, it's the name of a message that returns an integer. You want to do math on that result, so you need the -1 to be outside the message (text variable used here to shorten up the line):

text = self.historyDisplay.text;
self.historyDisplay.text = [text substringToIndex:[text length] - 1];
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The [target selector] syntax encapsulates a message dispatch. Do your math on the result of it—outside the square brackets.

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length is the name of the message that returns the length, so

[self.historyDisplay.text length-1]

is a syntax error, it should be

[self.historyDisplay.text length] - 1


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self.historyDisplay.text = [self.historyDisplay.text substringToIndex:[self.historyDisplay.text length]-1];
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