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We have set up a calDav server and are planning deployment within our enterprise but are having trouble creating the calDav calendars in Thunderbird with Thunderbird.cfg, default.js, all.js or user.js. Is there a method of automating the creation of these Calendars in thunderbird or do we have to create an add-on to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Lightning calendars can be created using standard preferences and then injected using the mechanisms you described (Thunderbird.cfg, default.js, all.js, user.js, ...). These are the mandatory prefs:

calendar.registry.{uuid}.type = "caldav"
calendar.registry.{uuid}.uri = "https://path/to/calendar/"
calendar.registry.{uuid}.name = "My Calendar"

And these are optional:

calendar.registry.{uuid}.cache.enabled = true
calendar.registry.{uuid}.color = "#330099"
// id1 must be the key as in prefs.js for the email identity.
calendar.registry.{uuid}.imip.identity.key = "id1"
calendar.registry.{uuid}.readOnly = true
calendar.registry.{uuid}.refreshInterval = 30 // minutes
// visible, i.e checked in the calendar list
calendar.registry.{uuid}.calendar-main-in-composite = true 
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