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Using Stata I want a formula (line of code) that takes all of the previous entries for a given group G at a given cell and returns the product for all of the values at that cell and above. For example:

G    X    Y
1    1    1
1    2    2
1    6    12
1    3    36
2    2    2
2    4    8
3    2    2
4    2    2
4    11   22 
4    7    154

G = Group ID, X = Value, Y = Moving Product

The way I have been doing this is pretty long and involves creating a good number of variables. There must be a way in Stata to just have it do a moving product by group ID (G).

Any insight is helpful

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Here is the solution:

sort G 
by G: gen moving_product = exp(sum(ln(X)))

This should make X = Y

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Your solution depends on G already being sorted, but that is easy. A more delicate point is that the default numeric data type float may not be suitable here; I would always use double. –  Nick Cox Jan 26 '13 at 0:50

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