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I extensively rely on Indy 10 to download/upload files (sent via https)

My code looks like this (I'm using Delphi XE2):

IdHTTP               := TIdHTTP.Create(nil);

with IdHTTP do
     HTTPOptions     := [hoForceEncodeParams, hoNoParseMetaHTTPEquiv];
     AllowCookies    := True;
     HandleRedirects := True;
     ProtocolVersion := pv1_1;

     IOHandler       := ASSL;
     Compressor      := ACompressor;
     CookieManager   := ACookieManager;

{$ifdef DebugProxy}
     ProxyParams.ProxyServer := '';
     ProxyParams.ProxyPort   := 8888;
     if (TheProxyServer <> '') then
          with ProxyParams do
               ProxyServer   := TheProxyServer;    // DNS name of the proxy server or its IP address
               ProxyPort     := TheProxyPort;      // Port the HTTP the HTTP proxy listens on
               ProxyUsername := TheProxyUsername;  // Username if the proxy requires authentication
               ProxyPassword := TheProxyPassword;  // Password if the proxy requires authentication
          end;    // with

TheProxy***** variables are all defined by the end user.

I need to make sure my application works across various proxy settings, but I know almost nothing about proxies :(

How can I do that? Is it enough to setup a proxy locally (or use something like Fiddler, or test against proxy info defined in IE / WinInet), test locally to say I'm fine? Is there some kind of popular / defacto-standard proxy tool that companies / user use? (my application target both consumers & businesses)

PS. This is a serious question! Although I'm far from being a novice, I almost never had to deal with proxies (except maybe once to twice, very long time ago, enough to forgot everything about it)

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Proxies are based on the standard. A HTTP1.1 compliant proxy must act as described in rfc2068. A popular free proxy cache is squid, you can use it to test your software, but with INDY it usually is very easy since you just set properties and authentication info and INDY handles it internally. – jachguate Jan 25 '13 at 22:50

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