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Is there any way I can extract node labels from jenkins API? The standard:


did not seem to have any label information. Is it in some other place?

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If you don't mind using BeautifulSoup and urllib2, you can do this to create a dictionary of label lists keyed by the node names. Admittedly fragile and hackish but works with Jenkins ver. 1.512

JENKINS_URL = "http://jenkins.mycompany.com"

from jenkinsapi import jenkins
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
from urllib2 import urlopen

node_labels = dict()
jenkins_obj = jenkins.Jenkins(JENKINS_URL)
node_names = jenkins_obj.get_node_dict().keys()
for node_name in node_names:
    if node_name is not "master":
        req = urlopen('{}/computer/{}/'.format(JENKINS_URL,node_name))
        soup = BeautifulSoup(req.read())
        node_labels[node_name] = [tag.text for tag in soup.findAll("a", {"class":"tag0 model-link"})]
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Apparently, node labels are part of node configuration, so they live in


Here is my hack to access that through python jenkinsapi (similar to job configuration), from node_str

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from jenkinsapi.jenkins import Jenkins

j = Jenkins(...)
n = j.get_node(node_str)
response = n.jenkins.requester.get_and_confirm_status( "%(baseurl)s/config.xml" % n.__dict__)
_element_tree = ET.fromstring(response.text)
node_labels = _element_tree.find('label').text
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The ruby client offers a way to obtain the configuration XML file through a call. That file can then be processed to extract the label information.

require "rubygems"
require "jenkins_api_client"

# Initialize the client by passing in the server information
# and credentials to communicate with the server
client = JenkinsApi::Client.new(
  :server_ip => "",
  :username => "awesomeuser",
  :password => "awesomepassword"

# Obtain the XML of the desired node
xml = client.node.get_config("nodename")

# Extract label information
xml =~ /<label>(.*)<\/label)/

# As we can have multiple space-separated labels, we need to split them
labels = []
$1.split(" ").each { |label| labels << label }
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