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I have written one custom paremeterized jquery function for fadein and fade out. That function works fine in IE but not in firefox. The function is :

jQuery.fn.dcFadeIn = function(newDiv) {
    var openDiv = newDiv;

    return $(openDiv).fadeIn();

<input type="radio" name="doc3" value="independentCall" class="radioButton" id="indMetaCalls1" onClick="jQuery.fn.dcFadeIn(indCallDetailsDoc1);" />
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5 questions and 0 accepted? – Natrium Sep 21 '09 at 7:33
Just edited your code, shruti. Take a look at the formatting tools next time you post a question. – roosteronacid Sep 21 '09 at 7:36
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You are refereing to an element as if it is a member of the windows object. Only IE puts elements in the windows object, so that doesn't work in any other browser.

Use the JQuery object to get a reference to the element:

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Doh - so obvious, when it's pointed out! – belugabob Sep 23 '09 at 7:20

Do you have javascript enabled in FireFox?

If so, can you show the markup for 'indCallDetailsDoc1'?

Also, why don't you use 'newDiv' directly, instead of copying it into 'openDiv' first?

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Try Changeing:



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That was my original thought, then I realised that this would result in the function being passed a reference to 'indMetaCalls1' instead of 'indCallDetailsDoc1' – belugabob Sep 21 '09 at 7:44

What is "indCallDetailsDoc1" and why do you call functions using jQuery.fn.dcFadeIn()? You cannot call plugin functions like this.

Please consider reading this page to learn write jQuery plugins:

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