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if x is a non-eigen vector of floats, i can map it to an eigen::MatrixXf by:

MatrixXf x_cen=Map<MatrixXf>(*x,*n,*p);

But then, modifications to x_cen will be reported to x as well since they are sharing the memory. What i want is to avoid this. I'd like to deep copy x unto an eigen::MatrixXf x_cen in order to ensure that changes made to x_cen are not reported to x. How can that be done?

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Your code:

MatrixXf x_cen=Map<MatrixXf>(*x,*n,*p);

is already doing a deep copy! So you're good. There is no shallow copies in Eigen.

Just for completeness, one can name a Map<> object to use it like a MatrixXf:

Map<MatrixXf> x_cen(*x,*n,*p);

In this case, and only in this case, modifications to x_cen will be reported to x.

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