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File->new project, only appear two option, before there are many option choice, also I install android development tool, there is no item about that appear. I uninstall the eclipse and reinstall the eclipse, seem no change for this problem. my system is under ubuntu 12.10 64bit

enter image description here

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If you installed it using apt-get, I would suggest installing it from

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yes。 I download from google adt site using offline mode.I think is my eclipse problem – user1279988 Jan 26 '13 at 2:10

Probably you used the central programs. Try downloading directly from the site:

The eclipse does not need an installation, you can download, and in the case of Lixux, assign permição need to run "sudo chmod-R + r eclipse"

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before when start eclipse,new project, you will see many options, such as java,now my pictures just contain" General CVS two option". I use this one ""; and use "" package with offline install. I try several times. All things is normal before I update the eclipse. I update the eclipse, then eclipse remind me some componet may not right,it colapse, then the ADT disappear. I uninstall the eclipse, reinstall it. but things always not change – user1279988 Jan 26 '13 at 2:25

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