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looking at this diagram suggests that in app purchasing requires that I have an application server.

I don't have an application server for this project, can I use Amazon In App purchases? Mainly asking if anyone has experience with this, and how they developed a solution

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Technically you don't have to check the receipt, but then you are vulnerable to users faking a purchase in various ways.

The green lines are all marked as optional according to the diagram. So only steps 1-5 are truly required, and none of those need your own server.

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thanks, I am actually implementing google play in app purchasing, already. Its instructions come with a variety of anti-fake purchase techniques, would google's licensing regime work on something downloaded from amazon (but with the same package name?), just wondering if you have any experience with this really –  CQM Jan 26 '13 at 3:15
Sorry, no clue on that one. –  Christophe Biocca Jan 26 '13 at 3:17

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