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I'm learning Box2D's joints & reading the 'so-called' manual here :


But for some parts, such as 'distanceJoint', they gave me suggestions instead of full-feature-list, without explainations.

I spent hours testing the suggested features but have not yet figured out what the features do, or how to use them. (eg: the property named "collideConnected" of DistanceJoint) And I even wonder if all the available features are listed there or I must find some myself.

Thus, I wonder if they have a more detailed documentations, like MSDN, somewhere. - or what I have at this moment are all I can deal with. Thanks so much!

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You can find some more detailed description there. If you need documentation (not manual), then you can go there online, or download Box2D source and compile it with Doxygen. It is also useful to look at Testbed, that distributing with Box2D sources.

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The link to cocos2d solved the trouble with references, but not documentations yet. Anw, thanks a lot ! –  vantrung -cuncon Jan 26 '13 at 11:00

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