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I have a service request, for example:

public class UpdateUserActions
    public Dictionary<string, int> Actions { get; set; }

I registered it in Aot.Init method, just like the way in ServiceStack.Text.Tests.MonoTouch:

public static void Init()
    JsConfig.RegisterForAot ();
    JsConfig.RegisterTypeForAot<Dictionary<string, int>>();

And called Aot.Init in AppDelegate. But it does't seems to fix the JIT compiler error. Still got below error:

DEBUG: Exception Reading Response Error: Attempting to JIT compile method 'ServiceStack.Text.Common.ToStringDictionaryMethods`3:WriteIDictionary (System.IO.TextWriter,object,ServiceStack.Text.Common.WriteObjectDelegate,ServiceStack.Text.Common.WriteObjectDelegate)' while running with --aot-only.

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