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var template = $(this).parent().next().html()

chrome console output

<a href="/weishiji/objActivity/timeline/746"><img class="my-pic-head" width="40" height="40" original="/weishiji/avatar/20130121/746.jpg" style="display: block;" src="/weishiji/avatar/20130121/746.jpg"></a>
        <p class="co_reply">
            <a class="co_reply_name" href="/weishiji/objActivity/timeline/746">test</a>
            7                <br>
            <abbr title="2013-01-26 11:11:11" class="publishfooter">56 minute</abbr>
        <pre class="delete_reply" id="comment-542">delete</pre>

Now I use the following code to modify some of the properties in this html.

$(template).find('img').attr('src', 'a')

chrome console output

<img class="my-pic-head" width="40" height="40" original="/weishiji/avatar/20130121/746.jpg" style="display: block;" src="/weishiji/avatar/20130121/746.jpg">

But this is not the result I wanted, did not change the img src attribute value, and throw away the other node I only want to change the properties inside

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var $template = $(this).parent().next().clone(); $template.find('img').prop('src', 'a'); console.log($template.html()) –  undefined Jan 26 '13 at 4:29
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2 Answers

I think your issue is you're setting template equal to the html() vs. setting it to the actual object. Try this instead:

var template = $(this).parent().next();
$(template).find('img').attr('src', 'a');

Hope this helps. Here is some sample fiddle to see it working.

As @AustinBrunkhorst points out, this would work just the same:

template.find('img').attr('src', 'a');

Good luck.

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You don't need to wrap template with jQuery, as it's already a jQuery object. –  Austin Brunkhorst Jan 26 '13 at 4:19
Thanks for the info @AustinBrunkhorst +1 –  sgeddes Jan 26 '13 at 4:20
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the thing is , what ever your selecting is already a jquery object so there is no need to re-wrap it again ..

i doubt the there is a problem with the code you have but any how

here is an example

var html = $('#id');
var attr = html.find('img').attr('src' , 'somehtm');


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