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I'm still pretty new to the whole CoffeeScript scene.

Are there any IDEs out there that support debugging of CoffeeScript source code running on Node.js?

I'm hoping for something where I can set a breakpoint within a .coffee file and see a call stack and inspect variables.

WebStorm doesn't seem to fit the bill yet. WEB-2389

It appears that there is a solution for this client side using CoffeeScriptRedux in Chrome. Example

Are there other options? Sublime?

Update After checking in on this issue again nearly a year later I came across this JetBrains help document. It looks like it supports debugging server side coffee script... finally!

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Just started looking into CoffeeScript myself. How coffee be the most popular language on GitHub without any decent tools for editing and debugging beats me.. – Jon Ramvi Feb 22 '13 at 10:06

JetBrains products support debugging CoffeeScript with a combination of the JetBrains Chrome Plugin and Coffee-script-redux.

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This appears to be for debugging coffee script code client side with a ruby server. I'm looking for a node js sever side coffee script debugging experience. Something similar to only visual. – sky-dev Feb 3 '13 at 17:09

Nodeclipse has an opened issue #12 CoffeeScript debugging support

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You can theoretically do this on any IDE that supports remote debugging. However, with Coffee-script redux in beta 2 and all the activity surrounding source-map support you would be better off just waiting 5 minutes.

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