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In an application I need to use different colors. That is I want to dynamically generate colors as well as make changes in the CSS properties. I have used

draw.getElement().getStyle().setProperty(); // Where draw is my flowpanel

but I get the error as not in camelCase format. Also since I'm using the above method I need to pass the parameters as Strings, but if I Google about generating different colors then they all in different formats.

How do I achieve that in GWT and how do I apply that generated color in CSS class?

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All the properties you pass should be in CamelCase format, and there is nothing wrong with it, just change for example "background-color" to "backgroundColor" and it will be correctly set. So this way you can change colors dynamically. Modifying css is not necessary for the purpose (and not feasible).

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Can do by method provided by GWT, like draw.getElement().getStyle().setBackgroundColor(String value);

Your problem is instead of ordinary '-' formatting, use camelCase formatting so that background-color becomes backgroundColor

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Note that when setting a style property, your need to use camel case for the property name.

draw.getElement().getStyle().setProperty("background-color", "colorname");//gives error

draw.getElement().getStyle().setProperty("backgroundColor", "colorname");//will works

And try to use W3C slandered color codes .Those codes support by all standered browsers

There You can find unofficial color codes also :P

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