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I need to perform certain trivial operations on an image (negative in this case). I'm told that I need to recursively divide the image in equal rectangles, and process them in parallel using MPI..

I wrote a function for doing this in my sequential image processing class:

void recursive_negative_helper(int x, int y, int WIDTH, int HEIGHT)
    /* recurse until dimensions become odd, to avoid corruption of image
      (equal sized rectangles only) */
    if( (WIDTH&1) || (HEIGHT&1) )
        uint8_t color[BPP];
        for(int i=y ; i<y+HEIGHT ; i++)
            for(int j=x ; j<x+WIDTH ; j++)
                    for(int k=0 ; k<BPP ; k++)
                        color[k] = 255-color[k];
    recursive_negative_helper(x        , y         , WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2);
    recursive_negative_helper(x+WIDTH/2, y         , WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2);
    recursive_negative_helper(x        , y+HEIGHT/2, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2);
    recursive_negative_helper(x+WIDTH/2, y+HEIGHT/2, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2);

void recursive_negative()

I'm learning MPI for the first time and having a hard time figuring out how to do this in parallel. I guess one way is dividing in 4 and giving each part to a process. That would be enough for my application! But how can I do it for any number of processes?

Can anyone help? Also if possible, please post some MPI pseudocode, so that I can visualize it more clearly!

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Clarify whether MPI is really a must (seems unlikely since you haven't included a single MPI line there), or something relatively more simple like OpenMP would be enough ? Also, there many examples around. Haven't you seen any of them ? –  mmgp Jan 26 '13 at 12:59
Though this is theoretically a elegant way of solving this problem, it might not prove to be so in practice. If you are working on sufficiently large images(2^m X 2^n), the program might just crash saying that you have run out of stack space (max recursion depth reached) –  subzero Jan 27 '13 at 5:13

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I would like to suggest to use OPENMP (http://openmp.org/wp/) to do parallel processing, for your case. It is easy to configure and compile to optimize simple loops. The code change is also trivial. But I am not sure about the recursion handling so be careful about it, or just use an non-recursive implementation. Some tutorials and guide: http://bisqwit.iki.fi/story/howto/openmp/

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