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I am working in Oracle APEX 4.2. I have created Form on Table, Tabular Form and Form on Table with Report. I have tried a lot to create form on a SQL Query but i can't.

I have two Question related of Form on a SQL Query !

First i want to make Form on SQL Query on Two Tables i-e `


Pat_Id(Pk),Name,Address,Gender ,Age,Contact

and Patient_Charges


Second is that if the from is made then we will be able to make insertions on two tables in one form ?

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What is your question? "I can't" is not enough information. –  Jeffrey Kemp Apr 16 '13 at 2:40

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I *think * I understand your question.

Create a view with your SQL query and then add a Before Insert trigger which does the necessary DML.

Check out some of the sample apps for ideas in this respect.

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