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This is my MVVM Code and I have troubles customizing the text of Update/Cancel command buttons. I have customized Edit/Delete buttons but what about the command buttons that are hidden for now and will be visible when I click on Edit button? Please help me customizing such commands. How can I do that?

<div id="grid"  data-role="grid" data-sortable="true" data-editable="inline" data-Scrollable="true"
    data-toolbar='[{name:"create", text:"新しいドメインの追加"}]'
    data-pageable="true"  data-columns='[{field: "Domain", title: "ドメイン", width: 250, filterable: false, sortable: false}, 
                                         {"command": [{name:"destroy",text:"削除"},

    data-bind="source: dataSource, events: { edit: edit, dataBound: dataBound }"></div>

Answering this question would help a lot of people who want to customize or translate Update Command or Cancel Command as well as Edit Command or Destroy Command.

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can you create a jsfiddle example? –  Chris DaMour Jan 26 '13 at 8:29
Sorry I can't work with JSFiddle! –  Hirad Nikoo Jan 26 '13 at 9:31
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If you want to customize the buttons update,cancel,delete,add,edit just do this

            command : [{
                name : "edit",
                text : {// sets the text of the "Edit", "Update" and "Cancel" buttons
                    edit : "CustomEdit",
                    update : "CustomUpdate",
                    cancel : "CustomCancel"
            }, {
                name : "destroy",
                text : "Destroy"
            } // sets the text of the "Delete" button

Here is a fiddle

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For localizing Update and Cancel buttons when you update on popup mode, you need to define the command as:

command: [
        name: "edit",
        text: { edit: "Edita", update: "Actualiza", cancel: "Cancela"}
            name : "destroy",
            text : "Borra"

EDIT: If you also want to change the title of the popup window, then you should add window.title to editable in the grid definition:

editable  : {
    mode : "popup",
    window : {
        title: "Edición",

If you want to take a look into an example: JSFiddle

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