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I'm studying Strougo/Wenderlich tutorial (space Viking project). I got troubles with chapter 4.

In RadarDish.m:

          [self setTransmittingAnim: [self loadPlistForAnimationWithName:@"transmittingAnim" andClassName:NSStringFromClass([self class])]];

     -(void)changeState:(CharacterStates)newState {
          [self stopAllActions];
          id action = nil;
          [self setCharacterState:newState];
          switch (newState) {
          case kStateIdle:
          action = [CCAnimate actionWithAnimation:transmittingAnim
          break;             }
          if (action != nil) {
          [self runAction:action];
    self=[super init];
     if  (self!=nil) {
    [self initAnimations];
  return self;

Exact the same code as in the tutorial. Failure:
*** Assertion failure in -[CCAnimate initWithAnimation:], /Users/macowner/Documents/examples/SpaceViking/SpaceViking/libs/cocos2d/CCActionInterval.

Using debugger with breakpoints, i noticed that value of transmittingAnim = nil.

So, if i put line with

[self setTransmittingAnim: 
[self loadPlistForAnimationWithName:@"transmittingAnim" andClassName:NSStringFromClass([self class])]]; 

into case of -(void)changeState then animation works correctly.

Why [self initAnimations] from (id)init is not called? Im using cocos2d v.2 templates.
Great thanks in advance.

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sounds like it couldn't load the animation, check the loadplist method for any errors –  LearnCocos2D Jan 26 '13 at 8:49
if i put loading animation directly into "-(void)changeState:(CharacterStates)newState" it works great. Just copying lines from -(void)initAnimations. –  Neil Galiaskarov Jan 26 '13 at 8:51

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I had problems because I have been building project using cocos 2d v.2.0, while tutorial is based on cocos 2d templates v.1.x.x If you are going to follow the book "Learning Cocos2D", I strongly recommend you loading cocos2d-iphone version 1.0.1. Here is the link download cocos2d 1.x.x branch

if you still want to use latest cocos2d templates, I can give you some advice:

  • Follow the instructions in this link cocos2d v2.0 migration guide
  • You are going to have a lot of deprecations and changes to fix, so use this link to understand how to fix those deprecations and changes.

    Now few words about the solution of the problem I mentioned here. In each of the GameObjects, EnemyObjects, and PowerUps, I added a method to override initWithFrameName.

       -(id) initWithSpriteFrameName:(NSString*)frameName{
        if ((self=[super init])) {
            if ((self = [super initWithSpriteFrameName:frameName])) {
                CCLOG(@"### RadarDish initialized");
                [self initAnimations];                                   // 1
                characterHealth = 100.0f;                                // 2
                gameObjectType = kEnemyTypeRadarDish;                    // 3
                [self changeState:kStateSpawning];                       // 4
    return self;  

        This allows the GameObject and GameCharacter init methods to run before the CCSprite's initWithSpriteFrameName method to run.
             The Viking GameObject had to have a slightly different solution because it is initialized with initWithSpriteFrame rather than initWithSpriteFrameName. However, the override implementation is basically the same as the example of RadarDish above.

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