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I have created a JTable that contains financial instruments prices. I have connected the table to an online broker, and I receive live feeds through the API. My table now correctly displays cells values changing when a new price comes in (I have created an "InstrumentListener". What I want is this: when a cell value changes, the cell background color changes for 150ms and then returns white. If the value is higher than the previous cell value, the color should switch to Color1, if the value is lower, the color should switch to Color2.

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The tutorial article Using Custom Renderers shows how to change a table cell's background color. The tutorial article How to Use Swing Timers shows how to mark time efficiently; invoke setRepeats(false) and restore the original color in actionPerformed(). From a human factors perspective, 150 milliseconds is a little short. Consider fading the color, as shown here and here, over a second or so.

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