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Possible Duplicate:
Create file with given size in Java

Say, I want to create a file of size 1KB, will this approach work? I create a java array like

char[] s = new char[1024]; //1KByte

and write it to a newly created *.txt file using a writer, will the size of the file be 1Kb precisely? If not, how should i create a file of the desired size?

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1… this might help! – Avinash Nair Jan 26 '13 at 8:28
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The Java char type is 16-bits long and OutputStreamWriter objects are string-oriented, not byte-oriented. Depending on the output encoding of the writer, you could get e.g. a 2 KB file, or even something unpredictable on character sets with a variable number of bytes per character.

You would be better off using an OutputStream directly, either with a byte[] or using write(int) in a loop. That would guarantee that you get what you are asking for.

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