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I want to add a simple form to each row of CompleteLister. I've tried this:

class page_list extends Page {
    function init(){

        $l = $this->add('Lister_Comment',null,'comm_list_spot','comm_list_spot');
    function defaultTemplate(){
        return array('view/comment_list');
class Lister_Comment extends CompleteLister {
    function formatRow(){

        $f = $this->add('Form');
        $this->current_row_html['commm'] = $f->getHTML();


` But it doesn't work. What I do wrong?

Thank you.

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Form is a delicate view and it needs to be sitting properly in a render tree. Here is how you could implement this better:

  1. manually iterate through model
  2. inside iteration, add a view with the content of your lister's row
  3. add a new form inside the comm tag by using 3rd argument of add()

This should work much better.

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