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I have a text file.

Info in text file is


First one is book name, second is author name, third is the price, fourth is the quantity and fifth is the quantity sold.

I am trying to update the noCpySold. So when I do this, the quantity avaliable (4th column) will go down and the quantity sold (5th column) will go up.

read -p $'No of copies sold: ' noCpySold

sed -re "s/${Title}:${Author}:([^:]+):([^:]+)([^:]+)/${Title}:${Author}:\1:\1-${noCpySold}:\1+$noCpySold/g" BookDB.txt > tempBook.txt
mv -f tempBook.txt BookDB.txt

I tested this code but the subtraction and addition wasnt updated.. anyone can help?

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awk -F: 'BEGIN {OFS=":"} { $4--; $5++; print $0}' filename >newfile
 mv newfile filename

This is an awk example. Edit:

    awk -F: -v sold=$num_sold 'BEGIN {OFS=":"} { $4-=sold; $5+=sold; print $0}' filename >newfile
     mv newfile filename
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does this mean i can do $4-$noCpySold; $5+$noCpySold ? –  Rusydi Rusydii Jan 26 '13 at 16:00
Not like that -- see the edit to the answer above. Note -v also note the -= and +- operators. –  jim mcnamara Jan 26 '13 at 16:30

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