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Im trying to configure Google oAuth in an MVC 4 Project. Its quite straight forward out of the box as per Hanslemans Excellent Video

Im able to register, log on, log off etc, but the only information I have is the email address. Id like to be able to get the First Name, Last Name and Image from Google

This blog outlines that it is possible - but when I run through it all that is available is the email address. This is obvious as this is all we asked for permission for.

So my question is how do I ask for more information from Google and the how do I access it. I know its possible writing my own oAuth access but I assume its possible using the out of the box MVC 4 code.

Thanks very much in advance

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I'm in the same boat, Extradata just has email address –  David Jan 30 '13 at 17:20

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I think this falls under a bug that is in DotNetOpenAuth.AspNet version="" package. You need to write your own customer provider and then you can get the data from that


You should be able to use GetExtraData to get the data you are looking for!

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