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I have the following class:

public class ViewPage<TView,TPresenter> : Page 
	where TView : IView
	where TPresenter : Presenter<TView>
	public ViewPage()
		if (!(this is TView))
			throw new Exception(String.Format("The view must be of type {0}", typeof(TView)));

		IWindsorContainer container = new WindsorContainer();
		container.AddComponent("view", typeof(IView), typeof(TView));
		container.AddComponent("presenter", typeof(Presenter<TView>), typeof(TPresenter));
		TPresenter presenter = container[typeof(TPresenter)] as TPresenter;

and this is the Presenter code:

public class Presenter<T> where T : IView
	public T View { get; private set; }

	public Presenter(T view)
		this.View = view;

I'd like to pass the current instance of ViewPage to TPresenter via Windsor instead of having it instantiate a new object. Is this possible?

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Check this blog. The author explains the solution for your exact problem.

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The URL didn't exactly discuss what I wanted, but he was doing what I wanted. Thanks! For anyone who is wondering.. You use the Resolve method on the container. –  sontek Sep 28 '08 at 11:19

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