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I'm parsing a CSV file in objective-c. The file contains something like this:

line 40 | Rising searches
line 41 | nabi avcı,Breakout
line 42 | stonewall,+700%
line 43 | medgar evers,+500%
line 44 | lgbt,+350%
line 45 | roe v wade,+350%
line 46 | αÏεÏγια,+250%

I want to get the contents of lines 41 to 50 (inclusive). I then want to separate the each line into two NSStrings one containing the stuff before the , and the other with the stuff after it. How can I do that?

Any help is really strongly appreciated. Thx! Antoine

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I'd use JSON. More human readable, easy to parse, take whatever data you need, whatever range... – Sava Mazăre Jan 26 '13 at 12:36
@SavaMazăre, the OP may not be generating the data to be parsed. There's still a lot of data out there in CSV format, particularly because it's so easy to export from Excel. – Andrew Madsen Jan 26 '13 at 18:44
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Try playing around with Dave DeLong's CHCSVParser. https://github.com/davedelong/CHCSVParser

You can initialize the parser with the path to you CSV file (assuming you have a CHCSVParser *_parser instance variable):

NSString *filePath = ...; // the path to your CSV file
_parser = [[CHCSVParser alloc] initWithContentsOfCSVFile:filePath];
_parser.delegate = self;
[_parser parse];

Then you should use a combination of three delegate methods to customize the parser and make it fit your needs:

- (void)parser:(CHCSVParser *)parser didBeginLine:(NSUInteger)recordNumber
    // Only parse the fields on lines 41 to 50
    // _shouldParseLine is an ivar that is set to YES
    // only when the fields inside the following line or lines
    // should be parsed.
    if (recordNumber == 41) {
        _shouldParseLine = YES;

- (void)parser:(CHCSVParser *)parser didEndLine:(NSUInteger)recordNumber 
    if (recordNumber == 50) {
        // The parser has finished parsing the 50th line
        // We're done, cancel any further parsing.
        // It is not necessary to set _shouldParseLine to NO, 
        // since the parser is killed here and the didReadField
        // delegate method will not be called again.
        [parser cancelParsing];

- (void)parser:(CHCSVParser *)parser didReadField:(NSString *)field atIndex:(NSInteger)fieldIndex
    if (_shouldParseLine == YES) {
        // Here are your fields.
        // The field at index 0 consists of the text
        // before the comma, the field at index 1
        // consists of the text after the comma.
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+1 Excellent answer. :) – Dave DeLong Jan 27 '13 at 1:28

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