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Probably this is a simple question,

Does anyone know how to hide the default axis x labels in boxplot() in R?

It should be simple, but I search on several sites and on boxplot help but could not find the answer.

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You mean like this?

 d <- data.frame(x = 2, y=1:5) 
 boxplot(d, axes=FALSE) # add axes=FALSE to remove axes

you can then add axes however you please:


 d <- data.frame(x = 2, y=1:5) 
 boxplot(d, axes=FALSE)
 axis(2, at=1:5, labels=c(rep("whatever I want",5)))

EDIT as per your comment:

remove default labels:

 boxplot(d, xaxt="n")
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Thanks user1317221_G, This is the right solution for my answer, but what I really wanted was to hide the default x axis labels... –  Francisco Jan 26 '13 at 21:46

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