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I am having problems connecting to an AMI that I created by modifying an existing linux ami, bundling it and registering it. Heres what I did -

  1. Launch existing CentOS AMI (ami-cb52b6a2) - this is a Rightscale LAMP image
  2. configured Apache, PHP etc and copied over some PHP scripts etc
  3. Tested it - all worked as I want it to
  4. I bundled it using the EC2 tools on the instance (ec2-bundle_vol) as in the documentation here. Only difference being I copied my key and certificate to the /root/mnt/ folder using WinSCP.
  5. uploaded bundle to S3 bucket using ec2-upload-bundle (my bucket name does have an underscore in it)
  6. Registered the image using Amazon Management Console
  7. Launched the instance from the management console and assigned elastic IP address, used the same security group as always and the same keypair.
  8. Tried to connect with Putty, WinSCP, browser but nothing works. I get a timeout message from Putty and a "[can't open the page] because the server where this page is located isn’t responding." from a web browser.

Any ideas what would cause this, should i try and bundle again? are there any issues with bundling a modified image? Eric Hammond notes there are issues with bundling using the Ec2 tools pre-installed on Ubuntu images on this thread. Could this be the same for CentOS?

Many thanks all

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It sounds like an IP problem. Are you sure your Elastic IP is working? I sometimes edit rc.local and add a "wget http :// somesite.com?thisisme" when I don't know the IP address for sure. Then, I check the apache logs on the somesite.com with "grep thisisme /var/log/apache2/access*" to find the IP address that I just booted. YMMV. –  Mike Crowe Sep 22 '09 at 0:41
Hi, yes I think it was just an IP problem. I tried again and connected fine, thanks Mike! –  undefined Sep 22 '09 at 9:41

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