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I would like to have my awesome WM to add items to the tasklist the same way as other window managers. Basically when you open applications in awesome it will put it in the tasklist preceding the previous application.

For example, if you open xterm, gvim and firefox in that order, on the tasklist will appear first firefox, then gvim and finally xterm.

The mayority of window managers like Gnome and KDE will add items in the same order as they are open.

Is it possible to achieve this behaviour in AWESOME?

Thank you.

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2 Answers 2

You need to change the handler function tasklist_update in this file:


Find table.insert(clients, c) and replace it with table.insert(clients, 1, c).

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I need to add rule:

{ rule = { }, properties = { }, callback = awful.client.setslave }

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